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Disc Mastering

Disc Mastering


Accord can take your high definition master files and create the very best quality Blu-Ray master including high quality encoding and authoring allowing you to use all of the features that Blu-ray has to offer. Accord can then prepare your master for replication or duplication. We can also “lock” your proof copies with the latest privacy protection that makes your proof discs impossible to copy. Great way to guarantee your project is not pirated.


Accord can create the highest quality DVD master from your professional format videotape or video file. We use the latest systems in authoring equipment from Sonic Solutions to guarantee a top quality master with interactivity. Other lower cost methods will produce poor quality copies and masters that will not even play on many devices.

Our DVD experts know how to design your master to deliver the best picture quality and resolution ensuring wide compatibility among DVD players and DVD drives.

Accord special packages include high quality MPEG2 hardware encoding, authoring, splash page graphics, DVD-R test copy, DLT, face label design, packaging and 1000 DVD copies for a single fee. This makes it easy for you and avoids the option of having to deal with different vendors to get your DVDs done right.

For any or all of your project needs, Accord has a digital room that will deliver top results, on time and within your budget. Our friendly, creative and experienced editors will guide you every step of the way to make sure you get the desired end product.


Change is a constant in our industry. We’re proud to celebrate 25 years of growing with our loyal clients. Serving every need from the standard definition tapes to the most advanced formats, keeping on the edge of all things digital because ‘change is good’.

We’re 25 years and growing strong.