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Post Production


We have the expertise and tools to manage your project’s workflow from beginning to end. Our post production team can finish any project on any platform. We color correct, we mix sound, we add closed captions and subtitles, we format for network distribution, we literally do everything soup to nuts.


Accord has you covered for all your Digital Media, Post-Production and Graphics/Compositing needs.
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    Accord editors have edited hundreds of high quality Commercials and Advertorials under their belt, that have aired locally, regionally and nationally. Not only are they efficient, but our editors are proficient on either Premiere, Final Cut and Avid platforms.

    • How about coming to my house and checking out my new editing software on my computer?

    Don’t think the family dog adds to the creative process? We don’t either! Accord offers well laid out and functional edit rooms all in a creative business environment

    • I know this guy who shoots and lights and he has an edit system in his office, I am sure he can edit your project.

    Accord editors are very good at what they do, that is editing and having the experience to make your project really great. Great experienced creative editor yes, shooter we have other guys who do that.

    • How about the great account executive who we just hired who I think knows Final Cut?

    Our guys are trained in the edit system you select and they have worked with these systems for years, this is their job not a hobby or something they do on occasion.

    • I edit great stuff on IMovie, how hard can it be?
    When you are on a deadline and you need a great end product, you do not need a “learning experience” for your editor, you need a pro and Accord can help you with that.
    • I edit on Final Cut all the time, I am sure I can do your project on an AVID, I just need a little time to learn the differences.

    We certainly offer the big three edit platforms and we have someone perfect for whichever edit platform you prefer, AVID, Final Cut and even Premiere, Accord has you covered.

    • AVID, Final Cut and Premiere they are all the same so who cares?

    Each Platform has its pluses and if you prefer a certain one then that is what Accord will give you. We like what our client likes. Whether you need an editor to push buttons or give you creative input, Accord has the perfect person for your job, always.

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    Motion Graphics and Animation

    Accord has graphics designers that can give your project the look and feel you want to wow you’re viewers.

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    Designed to allow clients to record high-quality narration tracks, as well as, provides the ability to mix music tracks in stereo. Our competitive rates are unmatched.

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    We can add closed captions or subtitles to your video in any language. Our closed captions meet FCC requirements for open and closed captioning and the Section 508 requirements for video captioning for broadcast television. We work very quickly, our caption service are so fast, most jobs are out in just one day.


Additional services from Accord Productions


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Need to shoot? Our crews are punctual, professional, and operate top-of-the-line equipment, getting jobs done quickly and efficiently.


We can send and receive files almost instantaneously using our high speed file transfer portal on our secured 1GB in-house connection.


For top of the line field shooting, Accord has every format and budget range covered