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Who We Are


You probably already know who we are, but if you don’t, we are Accord Productions. We have been involved in the production industry for over 30 years and today we are stronger than ever. We have come along way from the days of tape mastering and tape duplication and have become one of South Florida’s top production company with a few Network Television shows under our belt.

Our Team

Max Wyler – Executive Producer

Max has been in the business for over 30 years, we are not sure what he does but he always seems busy, always typing into the keyboard and working on numbers, we are sure that is why we call him Executive Producer because he is one of the few creatives who wants to do that numbers stuff.

Rocky Wyler – Director of Photography

Rocky has been a leading director of photography for years with an Emmy and several other awards, we wonder how he can be one of the best Directors of Photography when the still pictures he takes are not very good?

Jeff Somerstein – Operations Manager

Over 12 years with Accord and Jeff still loves his job. As Operations Manager for Accord Productions, Jeff oversees all aspects of production. He’s knowledgeable with all pre-production, production, and post production features and continues to earn the trust of every client by ensuring that all projects are handled properly from beginning to end.

Michael Ball – Head of Post-Production

Being the “Head” of something that always takes place at the end of a project is confusing to us. Mike can be seen at the beginning of projects arguing with Max about numbers and some of that other stuff we don’t know what they do but they seem busy.

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