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Need a crew that shows up late, looks sloppy and unprofessional, has old equipment and lighting, talks way too much and moves too slow? Lots of companies can get you a crew like that, but if you are looking for a crew that looks and works like professionals and takes their work very seriously then we have a crew for you. Experience? Of course, our guys grew up in the industry, have worked on every type of project and continue to do so daily, when we say each one of our shooters has at least 15 years of experience we don’t mean they have shot two or three times a month over the last 15 years, our guys are good and in demand and they work a lot and they do great work weekly! Great shooters have great tools and lots to choose from depending on what your job needs. From Canon C300’s, C300 Mark ii, Sony FS7’s to Sony EX3’s, F3’s, F800’s, F55’s and even Arri Alexa.

Experienced, easy to work with, great tools, and awesome results, if you are not using AccordProductions for your shoots, you should, and once you do you always will.


Specific services within video production
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    Television Production

    Creating shows for broadcast TV is our bread and butter. Our experience has allowed us to streamline the process so you can get a show on TV quickly and affordable. We have been producing shows for broadcast Television for years and with some shows having over 250,000 viewers per episode, we know what people want to see.

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    Sales and Marketing

    Everyone does sales and marketing videos, but we do them right. We produce quality videos that tell stories so your viewers can actually understand what you’re trying to say. We can write, shoot, edit, add graphics or anything else needed to reinforce your message.

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    Training and Education

    We enjoy teaching people through video. We can create simple, cost-effective, training videos for anything, that anyone needs to learn. Whether it’s how to drive a tender boat for Norwegian Cruise Lines or how to clean the inside of a McDonald’s restaurant we can do it and have already done it.

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    Medical Services

    We’re not the squeamish type by any means and working in the medical environment is second hand to us. Whether it’s shooting a knee reconstruction or filming a robotic surgery we have a few scrubs in our closet.

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    From Storyboarding to color correction, we do commercials right. We make sure to walk you through the process since nobody knows what you’re trying to sell more than you.

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    Live Streaming

    Live means no second chances. Accord crews do multi-camera streaming projects all the time and could do them in their sleep, which means no excuses or misses which allows you to sleep better. We have everything in-house needed to film an event and stream it to the web. Obviously we have the essentials like cameras and digital switchers and anything else needed to do this type of work, and additionally, we can create custom landing pages for your event that’s branded just for you.

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    Fortune 500 corporate events, sports coverage, music performances, medical conferences and operating rooms. Accord Productions knows the tricks, better known as experience (over 30 years of it), to make these happen with no glitches or excuses.

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    Digital Media for Social Engagement

    If you don’t have any videos currently online, you’re already behind. Let’s get you up to speed with some engaging videos for social media.


Additional services from Accord Productions


Video Production Is A Powerful & Effective Content Marketing Tool


Post-Production, Motion Graphics, VFX, Color Correct, Sound Design


We can send and receive files almost instantaneously using our high speed file transfer portal on our secured 1GB in-house connection.


For top of the line field shooting, Accord has every format and budget range covered