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Reality about Reality TV Shows

You have to work with a Production company like Accord Productions who is active in the development and the production of real live shows that are currently on a Network. Your first try at a network show should not be your production company’s first try. They might be nice guys, but if they don’t have the relationships you are not going anywhere with your show.

If your show is good and you work with our team of production experts, we guarantee we can get your show on a network, no one else can make such a promise.

What sets us apart from the majority of production companies is that we are actively producing and developing shows for networks that you can currently watch on TV right now. We are not on the outside looking in, we are in and working to make great shows.


Whether you need full creative help, embedded sponsorship sales, shooting crews or post-production, Accord can help. If you are a producer and only need shooting crews or post-production we can help as well.
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    Show Development

    With all the hype about Reality shows, people forget that we can help with your scripted project as well. Great Ideas are only the start! Whether you need full development, network placement, production, and post-production or if you just need the production and post-production, here is what Accord Productions can do for you.

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    Concept Creation

    We can take your ideas and talent and present them in a way that will get your targeted network’s attention. Though not as requested as they used to be, a well-done pilot of your concept can go a long way in getting the network to better understand your characters.

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    Production Crews

    When you call us with a production request, simply tell us what you’re are looking for and let us do all the work, so you don’t have to. Our production crews are knowledgeable, friendly and capable of troubleshooting any situation when they arise. Our team is filled with skilled in-house camera operators, audio engineers, producers, assistants, and any additional position we need to shoot a multi-camera reality show for broadcast or an interview with a CEO. We show up on time, we offer suggestions and find ways to make the overall production better and more efficient. If you want to film a wedding and bar mitzvah, you’ve come to the wrong place, but if you’re looking for quality production done right the first time, we can help.

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    Broadcast Deliverables

    You have an order for 10 episodes and they have to be produced on a deadline with many technical and deliverable requirements, Accord knows this process and can help you meet these very difficult deadlines. We have dealt with just about every large network in the US and we really know what they’re looking for. Our post-production team can make your delivery process seamless. We can prepare any file, any tape for any network.

Here are Some Examples of Our TV Work

TV Shows
  • Fix Her Up Houses
  • Volo House of Cars
  • It’s How You Get There
  • Jack of All Tastes


Additional services from Accord Productions


Need to shoot? Our crews are punctual, professional, and operate top-of-the-line equipment, getting jobs done quickly and efficiently.


Post-Production, Motion Graphics, VFX, Color Correct, Sound Design


We can send and receive files almost instantaneously using our high speed file transfer portal on our secured 1GB in-house connection.


For top of the line field shooting, Accord has every format and budget range covered


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