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How does a guy get a callback?  

Technology has changed a lot of things in 30 years, but particular challenges stay the same, and one of those is getting people to return my call! Yes, I know you are thinking. Max Wyler gets his call returned because of his great history of 32 years of providing production services, and he is a nice guy! Thanks, that is very kind of you to think, but that is not the case.   

There is one change that technology has brought, and that is people can also ignore you via email! In the early days, I would leave a message with the receptionist that just said, “was talking to [name of competitor] and I wanted to share what we discussed.” They usually called back in 10 seconds, and I proceeded to tell them about our services, as I had to their competitor.   

Is it rude to not return a call? I was taught that it was rude, and even if I get too many calls to handle in a day, I have someone in my office call back. So when someone does not call me back, especially someone I have met and talked too, my mind starts racing as to why? Was I rude? Do they hate me? Do they hate our work? Are they ok? Or are they just ignoring me?   

But when I do get ignored these days mostly, I feel, and it is many times their loss. Those who did not return my call missed out on a great flipping show “Long Way Home” with Jake and Jackie Long.

Or a show like “Dope Medicine” that is perfect for all audiences because it is fun but also highlights unique health issues related to minority communities.   

We do have an active show on History Channel (season 3) “It’s How You Get There” and a show on Science Channel (season 3) “Tomorrows World Today” as well as 5 seasons of a number one show, “South Beach Classics” on a car network and is still drawing huge numbers on Amazon and other OTT platforms. Someone who did take my call is a big network that really likes our show, “Gunther The $400 million Dog”.


So why do a bunch of these people not return my call, why? The popular thing today would claim age discrimination, but many of the people who don’t call me back are older than me! I do get calls back from network people that I have worked with for years, but why not the new people? Is it because they are “big wigs” and it is beneath them to review a new show pitch. Or it is because they are doing more important stuff? Is it because we are in Miami and not in New York or Los Angeles?

Ok, I am in Miami, and I am not relevant to you but simply return my call and say “no”.  By not answering my call they are missing out on a fascinating four-part documentary on the Miami music scene in the 1980s called “Miami Bass”.   

I always tell people that if something is not working, try something else. What I now do is send a painted coconut from Miami and most of the time it works!  Twenty-one people turned down “South Beach Classics” before it got it “picked up”. Did the other 21 people who said “no” or not return my call see the ratings and say, “I screwed up” or do their bosses know? If you are one of the people who has not returned my call, drop me an email and tell me you are ok- I am worried about you!