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We’ve been around for 30 plus years. We’ve gone through a ton of changes since the beginning (for example, Max had hair when we started) and we’ve been continually expanding our services. We thought it might be important to give an update on just all we provide here at Accord. So let’s go over all of our video production services. 


So the first one is obvious. We are Accord Productions. It’s in our name. But what does that entail? These days production can look different for every project. There so many elements to video production services. Production has different pieces and we can help you with as much or as little as possible. With a full range of pre-production services, we can help you flesh out your idea, write a script or treatment, and get all the pieces in place for the shoot. Some of the types of things we produce:

  • TV Shows
  • Medical Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Marketing Materials
  • Events– Corporate or Virtual
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Videos

For actual production, we have a crew at the ready. From here you can decide if you want us to handle the producer position or if you just need the technical experts. Either way, you will be getting top of the line work- whether it’s your vision or a collaboration. 

Let’s Talk Technical

So when booking a production, you let us know what equipment you need. You can book by our standard packages, or by the equipment you know you need. We work with you (WITHIN YOUR BUDGET) to figure out what you need and want. Accord is about essentials and we pride ourselves and letting you know where you can save and where you should splurge.


We LOVE Sony and Canon. We have multiple cameras to choose from; the Sony F-55, the Sony F-3, the Sony FS7, the Sony PMW300, a few Canon C300’s/ Mark i and ii. And we just got FX9s that we are loving. If you haven’t read our review, check it out.


Audio is extremely important on any production and you have to have the right tools to get good audio. Not only do we have multiple Sennheiser and Lectrosonic mics, we have multiple digital audio mixers like the Sound Device 788t, the 688 and the new MixPre series.


Yes, we have the small portable iPad prompter which is good for run and gun shooting, but we have the larger corporate style prompter with a large monitor that any CEO can read from.


Cut the cord. We have Teradek bolt systems that allow wireless digital transmissions.


We like to be in the air. We have drones, and skilled pilots, that can shoot in 4k so you can capture beautiful aerial shots without having to spend the cost on getting a helicopter.


Doing live and need to get a beautiful shot flowing over the audience? Yeah, we have Jibs too. We can get up to 12ft high or slim down to 6ft if needed.


Not only do they provide easy movement, but it helps producers get great shots without the limited ability to move around.


We have a Tricaster 860 Digital Switcher that is perfect for any onsite multicamera switched project. Not only does this bad boy take in multiple cameras feeds, but it also has encoding options so we can stream any live production to the web. We are also able to provide this with Zoom conferences as well, which are very popular in the post-pandemic era. 


Everything you need for any production. Don’t ask if we have any C-47’s, we already know what you’re talking about.

In House

We travel all around South Florida for client shoots. We travel all over the world for our TV shows. But we also have inhouse shooting locations. We have our conference room set up if you’re looking for a corporate backdrop. We also have a studio. The studio has a green screen and blank area, and it also has a kitchen section where we can shoot cooking content.All of our shooting has updated COVID safety procedures which we follow strictly to ensure a sanitized and safe set.

Fix it in Post

Accord has incredible and varied post-production services. Our post-production team can finish any project on any platform. We color correct, we mix sound, we add closed captions and subtitles, we format for network distribution, we literally do everything soup to nuts.

Let’s Get Digital 

We are living in a digital age. We have been living in a digital age. We’ve got services to meet your digital needs.


Our capabilities include digitization of all formats of videotape to hard drive, DVD or content manager. We handle HDCAM SR, D5, HDCAM, XDCAM HD, HD and DVC-Pro HD. We also serve standard definition formats including 1’, D2, D3, D5, D9 (digital VHS), Digital Beta, Betacam SP, Betacam, 3/4SP, ¾ Umatic, Betamax, VHS, Mini-DV, Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm, Video 8mm and even S/VHS.


This is something we love to do. We take thousands of hours of content and format that for global distribution. Whether it’s adding closed captions, transcoding, dubbing, quality control reports or using our Alchemist PH.C to make a standards conversion, we can make sure your videos are ready to play anywhere else in the world.


We don’t sit and wait for technology to come knocking on our door. Accord Productions developed a proprietary digital asset management system called ADAM – Accord Digital Asset Management System. ADAM can store all the contents for your projects in one central location allowing you the ability to access your media anywhere in the world.

So if you are looking with help on a project- many different kinds of projects- Accord is here. We’re so good you can even call us the week of and we can get you scheduled and booked. That’s the menu of video production services. Order one, order all, but Accord is here to serve.