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Summer is Coming: a Miami Production Company’s Guide to Keeping Cool 

Maybe if the Starks would stop complaining for 3 seconds they would have realized how fortunate they actually were. Because what’s worse than a Game of Thrones Winter? I’ll tell you what’s worse.

A Miami Summer.

There comes a time every year where all of a sudden the gentle warm breeze of our tropical beach home becomes an unrelenting heat wave. A time when it becomes so humid yet the ocean becomes so warm that there is no real distinction between the two. And while we don’t have white walkers, rest assured our blood sucking foes are far more terrifying and have infiltrated by the millions.

But fear not. Accord Productions has been around for over 30 years. We’re lifetime locals. And if there’s one thing we know more than the film business it’s navigating life in this wonderful hot hell hole we call home. Here are our top 5 tips to beat the heat in South Florida.



1.) I scream. You scream. We all scream. For ice cream (and during Miami rush hour)

Ice cold treats are one of our most delicious ways to cool down this season. The trick is to eat quickly before you have a melted mess on your hands. Our rec? Miami N Ice.


2.) Opt Indoors

It takes living in Miami for just one summer to realize outside is not where you want to be from June- August. Luckily, our city has some incredible indoor alternatives to spend an awesome AIR CONDITIONED afternoon at. Like the Perez Art Museum Miami


3.) Take a tip from marine life

We know some locals who never let the heat phase them. Splash away your sweat by swimming with the beloved dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium.


4.) Don the Miami uniform

A Miami summer only allows for two options: linen or swimsuit. Or Birthday suit. But that’s only welcome on certain beaches…


5.) Hydration is Key

Stranded in the desert? Cut open a cactus. But here in south Florida? We prefer to quench our thirst a little differently. Knowing where to get cold cocktails is imperative to your Miami survival.


So prepare yourselves, Florida friends. We will make it through together. As always, for more Miami insider tips, tune into The Beach Channel.