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History is alive and well in Charles County Maryland – History Channel that is! Accord Productions is on location filming in Maryland for Its How You Get There. When the Accord Productions crew rolled into Charles County Maryland to film for the History Channel’s hit show It’s How You Get There, they were immediately met with the breathtaking sights of an area that holds some of natures’ most authentic beauty. The episode itself centers around two of the talent from the show – Julian Taylor & Jenn Barlow – as they toured Charles County, Maryland, raced down the Potomac River in Ranger Z520 &  Z521L’s, and competed in a fishing challenge with a few of the top professional fisherman this side of the Potomac River! But before all of this occurred, Julian had a little surprise for his wife in the form of his old 1994 Ford F150 that had undergone the ultimate face-lift thanks to Charles County’s own Complete Auto-body repair shop

Accord Productions crew may travel light, but what they did bring was some of the top of the line production equipment! This included two Sony FS7’s, Sound Device’s 788T, and a crop of the new Go Pro Hero7’s. All of this on top of a crew of real professionals doing what they are most passionate about – filming real life stories to broadcast to the public! Accord Productions and the individuals from Charles County Maryland worked in tandem to create not only great television, but a compelling story of travel, friendly competition, and showcasing an area of the United States that most will not have the pleasure of seeing. This journey through Charles County Maryland proved that it’s not always about the destination, It’s How You Get There!

Make sure to watch this episode on The History Channel November 25th