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Emmy Award Winning Production Company

Located in Miami, Florida, Accord Productions is an Emmy Award winning production company with shows currently airing on network television! We are one of only a select few full service video production companies that can take a show from concept to completion using an in-house team.

Video Production Services

Whether you are looking to produce a show for broadcast television or digital media we offer the video production services you need, such as:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

All of this work can be performed under one roof to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Our creative staff and technical crew members live and breathe production work and have been doing so for over 20 years. Your projects will always be handled professionally and efficiently, helping you avoid the mishaps that are sure to happen with novice freelance crews.

Top TV Show Production Companies

The talented professionals here at Accord Productions can help supplement your existing crew. If you don’t have an existing crew, we’re here to help with you everything you need to produce the best show.

Our in-house team of experts has access to all of the latest technology. If you’re not sure what equipment you need let us make a recommendation. If you know what you need we have it!

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Here are some current shows we are producing:

Velocity on Discovery Channel

The show is set amidst the flash and glamor of Miami, where the people who wheel and deal automobiles at Florida’s largest classic car dealership are as colorful as the people who buy them. With over 300 cars on the lot at any given time, the action and deals are fast and furious and we capture every exciting minute and package it together for your viewing pleasure!

Let us help you bring your TV show to life in the most visually enticing and exciting way -- while meeting your deadlines and staying on budget!


Change is a constant in our industry. We’re proud to celebrate 25 years of growing with our loyal clients. Serving every need from the standard definition tapes to the most advanced formats, keeping on the edge of all things digital because ‘change is good’.

We’re 25 years and growing strong.