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Accord can give you a “loss less” conversion through the use of the latest HD Alchemist from Snell. We convert HDCAM, HDCAM SR or any other tape or file format customized to meet domestic or international specifications. Accord Productions has been a leader in standard conversion for over 20 years.

Do you have footage that was shot 1080i and you need it converted to 24p? Accord can even do this type of conversion flawlessly.

In a high definition TV environment a minute flaw will be evident and if your conversion is not perfect it will show. The combination of the only Snell HD Alchemist in the Southeastern United States and skilled experienced operators gives you the very best quality, only possible at Accord.

Don’t be confused by frame rates and world TV standards, our Accord team will make sure that your video will be in the right frame rate for the exact look and market you are broadcasting to, guaranteed.

Whatever your needs, when it comes to flawless frame rate or standardconversion, we make it happen seamlessly, on deadline and on budget.


Change is a constant in our industry. We’re proud to celebrate 25 years of growing with our loyal clients. Serving every need from the standard definition tapes to the most advanced formats, keeping on the edge of all things digital because ‘change is good’.

We’re 25 years and growing strong.